Easy Ride

Easy Ride

We are building a delivery and logistics infrastructure for any partners to deliver products from point a to be. We believe to in creating a simple last mile delivery solution for the company products and services. Additionally we enable any 3rd party to work in collaboration with us to deliver their products as a from point a to be. We will handle payment access, and last mile  delivery.

Our application offers a range of options to suite your business and leisure needs. Whether you need a ride for your daily commute, errand across town or late night drink with your friends, a date with your beloved ones; we got you covered!

You can use our passenger app to get your next trip or
just call us at 6081 and our friendly family members will give you a service to remember.


EASY ETHIOPIA Is on Demand Service platform Based in Addis. We are the fastest growing ride haling, Delivery, Cargo and Entertainment app. Use a Single app instead of changing from one to another. Our solution is customized for every specific need.



Contact Us

South Africa Street
Sarbet building
Addis Ababa
Phone: +251951066434
Email: info@easy.et



Our Newsletter

We are preparing our monthly news letter you can contact us at info@easy.et

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