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Easy Shelf

Best collection of Magazines, Newspaper, & Books to your Door Step.

Easy shelf is an online and offline publication distribution platform, where users can find Books Magazines, newspapers and other publications. It enables publishers to distribute their content digitally without time and geographical constraints. Easy shelf is a revolutionary new service that has proven its capacity and service quality in a short time and will continue to do so with ambition and commitment.

What makes our company different

  • Internationally Huge market potential reach
  • 2,000 active digital publication users and more than 100,000 and increasing social media followers.
  • Effective business management for subscribers and predictable business stability.
  • Effective digital and physical distribution technology.
  • We provide an eco-friendly system where millions of trees can be saved and play an important role in digitizing publications and reduction of waste.

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Why we do what we do

To provide a reliable digital technology that supports the green movement of our country

To create a convenient archive where anyone can get any publication any time

To have an authenticated and responsible party for any and all publications.

To solve copyright issues and provide an environment where authors and publishers get their compensation fairly

Our Current Partners

  • Reporter Newspaper
  • Fitih Magazine
  • Ethio Business Review
  • Addis maleda
  • Alela Magazine
  • Ketsnat magazine
  • Linkup Addis
  • Getz magazine

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