Easy Telecom

Easy Telecom is Electronic Voucher Distribution Service Provider.

Easy Telecom is a project running under Easy Technologies Plc that provides different services for variety of customers across the telecom industry. The project established in 2020: currently engaged in working with Ethio Telecom on VAS, Yimulu and VISP services.

As per the agreement made with Ethio-telecom, Easy Technologies allows companies to handle all your pre-paid and postpaid bill payment of Ethio-telecom service through our payment plat form.

Some of the benefits companies will acquire from our services are listed here below.

  • Reliable payment system
  • Credit service
  • Third Party Benefit
  • Social responsibility


Reliable payment system

We provide a reliable, secured and easy payment system, where customer companies are only required to make the payment to Easy telecom’s delegated sales person ones our company have settled their bill payment up front and deliver the required recite and related documents to the respective company. Our service will save companies the time and energy while providing you with reliable and satisfactory service.

Credit service

Our credit service gives ease and protection for companies from the unwanted service obstruction and related troubles with regard to failure to settle bill payment for Ethio-telecom service on a timely fashion. Hence, it is with great pleasure when we offer companies the chance to benefit from our credit service and enjoy the ease and satisfaction.

Third Party Benefit

we offer internet, voice and message packages for employees and customers as part of our additional service package through the business partnership established between the two companies

Social responsibility

in addition to all the above mentioned benefits, when your company decides to settle its monthly bill payments of Ethio-telecom service through our payment platform, your company will play a pivotal role in terms of fulfilling its social responsibility, as the sales person who made the deal is benefiting from the job opportunity facilitated by your company’s cooperation. Thus, it is with absolute delight when we express our gratification to the successful business relation we hope to build between us

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