Easy Technologies plc known by Easy Ethiopia is a technology Company. We specialize in Distribution, Sales and on Demand Services that are used by the mass. Easy Ethiopia is set up in making Ethiopia easy, accessible for locals and tourist.

We focus on:

  • Telecom
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Delivery and product distributions
  • Finance
  • Books, newspapers and magazines

Recent Easy Ethiopia Projects

You can take a look at recent projects from Easy Ethiopia. We work hard to make your life easy.

Easy Ethiopia Projects

You can take a look at projects from Easy Ethiopia.We work hard to make your life easy.

Easy Telecom

Easy Telecom is Electronic Voucher Distribution Service Provider.

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Easy Shelf

Best collection of Magazines, Newspaper, & Books to your Door Step.

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Easy Delivery

The best way to deliver or receive your product and service to your customers with efficiency.

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Recent Blog

You can read more news and blog from Easy Ethiopia.

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Partners & Customers

On top of this we provide services that are location and transport based. We are working in collaboration with companies and services providers to deliver effective and simple solutions. This services include

Partnership and reach

We have a fleet of more than 1500 partners (cars, Motor Bikes, and cargo cars. ) to distribute our products. We are working in initiating more partners every day. We also work with more than 10 brands and 100 product categories and services.

Market recognition

We have more than 100,000 social media followers on Facebook on our pages. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, telegram and twitter.

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